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The process to get your right property for sale in Ibadan Nigeria that perfectly suits your needs and budget is very easy, flexible, and fun. Our services ensure you get the best, quality and genuine properties that give value for your money.

Estate Development

Well-planned estates with designs that span and equate to global designs. We pre-empt consumers’ needs for a better life innovation and evolution.

Property sales

We sell quality properties that are affordable and suit your budget and location perfectly. We have the interest of our clients at heart and we deliver quality results.

Building and Renovation

Whether building a brand new home or renovating an existing home, We are in the business of helping you realize your dreams of getting the property for sale in Ibadan.

Construction and Engineering

We oversee the design and implementation of large building projects. We design and execute processes for building and maintaining the infrastructures.

Maintenance and Repairs

We work to keep, restore, or improve every facility in your building. We service to taste and currently acceptable standards and sustain the utility and value of the facility.

Interior Decoration

We spice your homes and offices with modern and elegant interior decoration that brings out the hidden beauty. We make your properties more comfortable.

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Emir Soft is a trusted and reputable real estate company in Ibadan. They have delivered quality properties and services for over 5 years.

Aishat Bashir

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I am very satisfied with my experience with Emir Soft. They have a friendly and professional team that helped me find the perfect property.

Kunle Adebayo

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Emir Soft has the best deals and offers in the real estate market in Ibadan. They have a wide range of properties to suit every budget and taste.


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Emir Soft is a reliable and efficient real estate company in Ibadan. They handled everything from the paperwork to the inspection with ease and speed.

Bisi Ogunlade

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